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Active Churches That Serve

“Biblical principles which guarantee church growth numerically and financially by a minimum of 10% per year”

  1. Chosen Church leaders participate in a self-evaluation survey with point calculation of their churches traditions and health, helping to establish a new
  2. Guaranteed local church unity, when unique mission and nine Leadership principles provided, are implemented.
  3. Identify the uniqueness of each church’s gifts and personality to attract the right members and leaders.
  4. Leaders receive over 100 effectively proven community outreach ministry options and resources to teach how to accomplish them.
  5. Leadership receives conflict resolution principles resource guide to solve challenges locally and quickly.
  6. Leaders and members discover how to receive resources available locally, domestically and globally.
  7. Leaders and members discover fulfillment in giving with 3 T’s: Time (well invested with a clear task), Talent (Finding individual and church talent) and Treasure (tithing, outreach projects, et.).
  8. Develop a church comprehensive emergency management and response plan